Who is Nashville Rise?

In May 2016, Davidson County parents formed a parent coalition, Nashville Rise. We inform, empower and engage other parents and community members to advocate for high-quality public schools.

We envision a Nashville where all children receive the schooling and support they need to live successful, fulfilling lives. Through a series of informational trainings, parents are exposed to high-quality educational practices and civic leadership development opportunities.

As empowered parents, we hold our city’s educational and school leadership accountable for promises made to students and families to help create policies that better serve students. Therefore ensuring every school, regardless of zip code, can become a high-quality school.

Mission Statement:

Nashville Rise is a parent advocacy organization that informs, empowers, and engages all parents to elevate their voices around increasing access to high-quality educational options.

Vision Statement:

Informed parents, empowered youth, engaged communities. 


Our Core Values

Children are Intelligent

We believe children are born with intelligence but must be in an environment where it can be fostered.


Our kids cannot wait; we must act now.


We believe that parents are their child’s first advocate and must be empowered and engaged.


We are involved and advocating for children to access high-quality schools.

Strong & Respectful Relationships

We believe that transparency and respect should govern our work.