Parent Actions

Calling All Parents!

We believe that advocacy is at its best when it is being led by the people who house the most power. In our case, it’s parents. As a parent, we believe that you should be informed, empowered and actively engaged in the educational process of your child.

On this page, we hope that you will discover an action that will spark your interest and compel you to join arms with Nashville Rise and our advocacy efforts to ensure that your family has access to high-quality educational options that ultimately prepares your child to graduate college and career ready!


Actions Taken

  • April 2017 Parent Empowerment Session –
    April 20, 2017

    On Thursday, April 20th, Nashville Rise hosted the parent empowerment session, Discovering What Makes Your Child Tick in the Napier and Sudekum community. This session’s information and activities helped parents understand their own learning style and the learning styles of their children. Parents learned how their child’s individual learning style can impact their classroom and educational experience. Further, parents left with steps that they could use with their children at home and how they could talk to their child’s teacher about how their child learns.
  • April 2017 Parent Empowerment Session –
    April 13, 2017

    On Thursday, April 13, 2017 parents gathered together at Brick Church College Prep to learn about the different behavioral styles of children and how these styles influence a child’s learning. The session, Discovering What Makes Your Child Tick,  equipped parents with tools to better assist their child’s learning journey.
  • April 2017 School Board Meeting Public Comment – April 11, 2017
    Each month parents from Nashville Rise address the nine members of the board including Dr. Joseph to let them know that we pride ourselves in our strong and respectful relationships. We believe that our vision will become a reality if transparency governs our work and we are able to collaborate with other organizations and MNPS. On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 two parents, Quanita Adams and Kelley Eguakun spoke on behalf of Nashville Rise. Kelley spoke about the importance of parent involvement and why she became involved with Nashville Rise. “I became involved with Nashville Rise because they are on a mission to help parents and guardians find ways to become active in schools. Nashville Rise has given me the opportunity reach other parents to help them understand the importance of being involved in all aspects of the education process.”Quanita took a different approach stating, “Many of us believe that in the past our socioeconomic status and ethnic affiliations have kept us from the conversation or that we have been talked at but not seen as valid or important stakeholders in the process that directly impact the children that are struggling the most.”
  • March 2017 School Board Meeting Public Comment – March 28, 2017
    On Tuesday, March 28, Nashville Rise member, Sylvia Holt addressed the Metro Nashville School Board during the public comment section of the meeting. Sylvia told her personal educational story and discussed why she joined Nashville Rise. At the end of her speech Sylvia stated, “I challenge the board and everyone here today to join us and advocate together to increase access to high-quality educational options for every child regardless of their zip code and/or race.”
  • February 2017 School Board Meeting Public Comment – February 28, 2017
    On Tuesday, February 28, Nashville Rise Clergy Liaison, Pastor James Turner and Clergy Coalition member, Minister Devan T. Franklin, addressed the Metro Nashville School Board from the position of faith leaders being committed to working with the district as well as parents and congregants at large to ensure that all children, regardless of zip code, have access to a high-quality education. Neonta Williams, also addressed the board highlighting Nashville Rise’s commitment to strong and respectful relationships. All Nashville Rise speakers emphasized that we (parents, teachers and district leaders) are in this work together.
  • January 2017 Nashville Rise Parent Meeting – January 31, 2017
    On Tuesday, January 31, Nashville Rise core parents reconvened to discuss their advocacy efforts in 2017. After reviewing the mission, vision and core values, they planned their next steps including participating in a five part training series to become parent advocate leaders.
  • January 2017 School Board Meeting Public Comment – January 10, 2017
    On Tuesday, January 10, parents addressed the Metro Nashville School Board asking for more collaboration between school types so that high-quality school practices can be replicated and shared. Parents also addressed the need to protect high-quality choices in the district. Nashville Rise will continue to advocate for high-quality public schools at future school board meetings.
  • December 2016 School Board Meeting Public Comment – December 10, 2016
    On Tuesday, December 10, seven parents spoke at the Metro Nashville School Board meeting to highlight the need for more high-quality school options. The parents spoke in the face of resolutions seeking to put a ban on charter school growth.
  • Nashville Rise Training on High-Quality Choices – December 3, 2016
    On Saturday, December 3, Nashville Rise parents attended a training on high-quality school choices. The day’s training agenda will inform, empower and engage parents in several ways and show them how they can be stronger advocates for high-quality schools in Davidson County.
  • November 2016 School Board Meeting Public Comment – November 29, 2016
    On Tuesday, November 29, three Nashville Rise parents addressed the Metro Nashville School Board members during the public comments section of the meeting. Going forward, parents plan to address the school board each month to ask for more high-quality school choices in the district and to ensure that parent voice is included in education policy conversations.

Parent Spotlight

  • Angelica Lucas

    Nashville Rise Parent Captain

    “My wish was to align myself with individuals that have the same passion and drive that I have in ensuring no matter the demographics, background, or circumstances all children would receive quality education and wrap-around services.”

  • Quanita Adams

    Nashville Rise Parent Captain

    “I want my children to have access to the best education. My zip code should not decide the quality of education my children receive.”

  • Kim Whitaker

    Nashville Rise Parent Captain

    “We are tired of waiting for the district and the board to adopt an attitude of collaboration among schools. We realize that the change has to begin with us – the parents.”

  • Victoria Gordon

    Nashville Rise Parent Captain

    “It wasn’t until Malik came that I realized I needed to advocate for this child…So, I advocate for Malik, and not just for Malik, but for everyone. That is why I came to Nashville Rise because I can advocate for every child.”