Parent Voices: Education is a Priority in My Home

Nashville Rise is only as strong as the parents who commit to the vision of increasing high quality education in schools throughout Nashville. Parent Captain Raquel Villagrana shares how her values led her to advocate for not only her child’s education, but for all children across Davidson County.

Raquel Villagrana
Growing up, high-quality education was a priority in my home. My mother, a sociologist, and my father, an economist, used to tell my siblings and I that they were going to give us something that no one would ever be able to take away: education. Holding true to their values, we were able to receive high-quality educations, which have led to great personal and professional opportunities.

Now with a family of my own, the tradition continues. My husband and I feel that education makes a difference, and access to great education for our daughter is a high priority.

Other than normal homework, my daughter has no struggles at school, and I feel lucky for that. My husband and I are very involved in her school, and we think being involved makes a positive difference in her success as a student. I volunteer at her school on most of my free days. I translate for Spanish-speaking families, do one on one sessions to help Hispanic students, and really, I just do whatever needs to be done. If my daughter had academic troubles, I would love to find people who were interested in her success and willing to help her when needed.

Parents networking

Through Nashville Rise, I have received a lot of information on education. The organization is a network and way for me to meet more informed parents. Thanks to Nashville Rise, I have learned that together we are strong, our voices can be heard, and I can advocate for changes to ensure that every child here in Davidson County, despite academic struggles, behavioral problems or even zip code, can receive a high-quality education.

We are raising our daughter to be the most that she can be. Every single kid should have the same chance.

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