“Self-Rising” Training III

On Saturday, April 23, Nashville Rise hosted another successful training session with parents. The Nashville Rise parents convened at Brick Church College Prep, a Lead Public School. The training began with information and engagement opportunities with the Achievement School District (ASD), then the conversation shifted to parent/teacher conferences led by Nashville Public Library, and finally wrapped up with voter education from Stand for Children.

During the first session of the day, Malika Anderson, the ASD Superintendent, emphasized that “our students matter enough to advocate for them.” She further explained that we have to set expectations high for our students. The conversation focused on priority schools and their demographics. To wrap up, she asked for parents’ input on how to drive parent engagement in ASD’s efforts in Nashville.

Nashville Rise Parent Training

After Malika’s presentation, the Nashville Public Library hosted an interactive session on parent/teacher conferences. In pairs, parents acted as the teacher or the parent. This role playing activity allowed for a deeper understanding of the different perspectives and experiences that parents and teachers bring to a conversation. Then, the parents received a surprise visit from the interim Metro Nashville Public Schools Director Chris Henson.

Nashville Rise Parents at Training

The final presentation was from Stand for Children. Daniel O’Donnell, Nashville Director of STAND, talked to parents about voter education and registration. He explained the voting process and highlighted the upcoming August 4 school board elections. He gave brief descriptions of all the candidates running for office – incumbents and challengers. This presentation was uniquely situated because Brick Church College Prep is a voting precinct.

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