My Story: Quasia Walker

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Never underestimate the power of personal stories. Listening to the experiences of others can help us to better understand why they feel and act in the ways that they do. As Nashville Rise parents, we believe in the power of personal stories. We believe telling our stories can help us to emphasize why we feel a sense of urgency around high-quality education for all children.

Over the next few weeks, the parents and grandparents a part of Nashville Rise’s first Parent Advocacy Leaders cohort will share their personal stories on our blog. You will see how their various life experiences have fueled their passion for high-quality education and why they are a part of Nashville Rise.

My Story: Quasia Walker

When I was born, I was placed in foster care and stayed until I aged out at eighteen. I was raised in Williamson County, which was known for its great schools. Though I was told I would never graduate or amount to anything, I graduated high school in 2004. Shortly after I graduated, my daughter was born. I knew I wanted my daughter to have a great education like I did, but I knew that I could not afford to live in Williamson County. When I researched her zoned school in Davidson County, I realized that it was not the best fit for her.

The school she currently attends, I found by a fluke. At the time, there was no option to tour the school, but the curriculum they were offering fit my daughter’s needs the best. This was the first time I had heard about public charter schools. I had no clue what they were, but type of school did not matter to me. What mattered was the quality of education that was going to be offered to my child. So, I stepped out on faith and signed up my daughter, Naomi, to attend Nashville Classical Charter School.

During her third year of attendance at Nashville Classical, I was introduced to Nashville Rise, a parent advocacy organization that empowers parents. The mission of Nashville Rise aligned with some of the same things I wanted for my daughter’s education. Through Nashville Rise, I’ve learned how to build a strong relationship with my child’s teacher and how to explain her individual learning style to her school. I’ve also learned that here in Davidson County there are many different school options and that parents have a voice and say in where their children go to school.

As a Nashville Rise parent, I am not here to point fingers or place blame, I’m simply want to work with others in the community and discuss what we as Nashville Rise can do to help them and what they can do to help us.